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    Empathy Coaching and Consulting for Male Executives and Entrepreneurs

    Empathy and business are terms not commonly used in the same sentence. However, the capacity for empathy is what sets the world’s top leaders apart from their peers. In my coaching practice, I help business leaders discover and nurture their capacity for empathy so they can lead more effectively.

    With a PsyD in organization development, I provide empathy coaching for male executives and entrepreneurs. Working together one-on-one, I will help you increase your capacity for empathy.

    A successful outcome results in improved communication, an engaged and authentic workplace, a higher capacity for understanding those around you, and an enhanced bottom line. Empathy is an attribute that has a measurable and profound impact, not only within the organization but between all stakeholders, leading to more empathic organizational systems.

    A Caveat: Coaching vs. Therapy

    I think it is important to cast the difference between coaching and therapy. What I offer here is business coaching with an emphasis on developing and strengthening empathy. Although my background in psychology provides much of the basis for my coaching practice, what I offer in my coaching practice is not therapy.

    To dive a little deeper, therapy focuses on mental health and working on aspects of character that present barriers to living a fulfilled and happy life. Coaching, on the other hand, is about setting goals and developing strategies for achieving them.

    You might see a coach when you want to accelerate your career, recognize and eliminate unwanted habits, and exchange them for different ways of thinking and doing.

    Coaches often have specialties that they work within. My coaching practice is very specific: I help executives and entrepreneurs develop and strengthen their empathetic skills. I combine my coaching experience with in-depth knowledge of global business concerns, so you can be confident that I understand both your practical concerns and can also see opportunities for personal and professional growth.

    If I feel that therapy is indicated, I will provide the appropriate referrals. Keeping these two modalities separate allows us to focus more precisely on your needs and goals.